iBAN Wallet achieves £2 Million Valuation!


The last years have shown the revolutionary effect of applying technology to the financial sector, the result of which we call: Fintech.

Through online platforms, they offer banking products and the possibility to make transactions from anywhere. The market is starting to exploit the potential of Fintech, which works with many advantages. Though, none have been able to do so on a global scale, and this is precisely what the iBAN Wallet app is willing to change.

iBAN Wallet’s objective is to combine two exploding markets – Sharing Economies and Crowdlending.

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Our campaign on SEEDRS

With the vision of going forward and making our goal a reality, we started our first equity round on Europe’s largest equity crowdfunding platform: SEEDRS.

Today we are very happy to say we did it!  iBAN celebrates its first birthday by successfully completing its first seed round on SEEDRS.  With 96 investors, investment of £103,945 and a valuation of £2,093,055, we just achieved our equity campaign.

Yet, there is time for everyone to be a part of IBAN; our campaign in SEEDRS is still open for those who are looking for a chance to invest in innovation.

Go to our SEEDRS campaign, meet the iBAN Wallet and share this success with us: 

Invest in business you believe in. Be part of the future!

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